TERRAFUSION INTERNATIONAL, INC is an internationally recognized company in the road construction industry, which over the years has developed strong relationships with other highly regarded organizations and companies around the world.

TERRAFUSION INTERNATIONAL, INC ’s mission is to offer environmentally safe, sustainable, innovative products and solutions for road construction and soil stabilization that help reduce the use of harsh toxic chemicals, lessen the carbon footprint, and minimize the total project cost.   

TERRAFUSION INTERNATIONAL, INC has delivered customized solutions to many road construction and road maintenance projects in communities throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Our professional network around the globe is committed to deliver the best solutions for any challenging projects in any difficult circumstances. TFI’s integrated customer service provides an ideal platform to satisfy any customer’s needs.

While anyone can sell you a product, we are the only soil stabilization company with trained, experienced, and highly qualified technical and quality assurance support team to provide testing of local soils for compatibility, training local teams anywhere around the globe,  and assisting in redesigning roads to include ECOROADS® as a core component.  Rigorous testing of ECOROADS® , together with independent evaluations  by third party agencies and feedback from our customers,  has resulted in a soil stabilization product you can trust.

Whether your project is small, medium, or large, our team looks forward to working with you to support your next project.  Our innovative approach and the global network of technical expertise will deliver an experience that is as strong and lasting as our product.

It is our job to make sure that our product performs for you every time.

The TERRAFUSION INTERNATIONAL, INC team is committed to its mission to provide environmentally safe developments and improvements of road infrastructures and improving the quality of  people’s lives  around the world.


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The trade name ECOROADS® is registered by TERRAFUSION INTERNATIONAL, INC. in USA , The European Union, most of both Americas countries, most African and former USSR countries.  We have been informed about efforts by unauthorized parties to sell similarly named soil stabilization products.  We want to caution all our potential customers of such efforts and to encourage their diligence in ensuring they are dealing with the proper corporate entity (TERRAFUSION INTERNATIONAL, INC.) and the genuine product.