—By 2050, the Earth’s suburban population is expected to expand by 3.1 billion people and the majority of this expansion will take place in the developing world.

—Governments of the world’s already overpopulated regions, face an increasingly dire problem of how to manage their  enormous slums and growing suburban population. From the all Latin American urbanites who live in slums to the remote African  villages who live in season huts, there is an enormous and growing demand for reliable and safe housing.


For decades governments have shirked on their responsibilities to help these areas develop. The World Bank for several years now has been funding a world-wide slum fighting and  affordable suburban infrastructure programs  including efforts to build new housing. The ultimate solution must meet several criteria:  It must be affordable, easy to implement using local materials and labor, and be environmentally friendly.  Expensive solutions will not be widely implemented and environmentally detrimental solutions will, by design, create more long-term problems.


With ECOBRICX® , governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, and private builders now have a proven alternative for expensive cement-based or fuel firing methods creating constriction bricks  to help with this humanitarian disaster. 

ECOBRICX® is a green alternative require only minimal equipment, minimal training, and do not have the heavy environmental foot print associated with cement.

ECOBRICX® is  a liquid additive that can be mixed with local soils to create a soil bricks with comparable strength and substantial economic benefit:

                                                 • Save up to 60% of the costs of making bricks
                                                 • Eliminate the need for kiln firing
                                                 • Reduce the need for cement
                                                 • Reduce the carbon “footprint” of brick production
                                                 • Make low-income housing and development available to all

Our partners around the world have been making bricks for housing as well as a number
of other building applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional brick manufacturing.

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